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Steampunk Grim Reaper - 22cm

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As if the typical Grim Reaper was not intriguing enough, just add a menacing gas mask and a huge blunderbuss and you have got yourself the Steampunk Grim Reaper!

This statue adds a post-apocalyptic feel to the classic Angel of Death. Crafted from hand painted resin, this statue depicts the Grim Reaper with a neo-Victorian twist. He wears a top hat accented with goggles, a red and black trench coat, and a red bow tie. In his gloved hands, he holds a blunderbuss rifle that he will use to take out his next victim. He also has a gas mask and an air tank to make sure he can survive through the post-apocalyptic fumes!

This Steampunk Grim Reaper will add a fun and frightening accent to your décor, and it is the ideal gift for your favourite Steampunk aficionado with a dark side.